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When life hands you lemons, mix this delicious powder into your water and make a naturally refreshing drink! Nature’s Truth® Electrolyte Hydration† powder mix has zero grams of sugar, zero calories, and helps replenish your body with electrolytes, minerals, and essential B vitamins.† This natural lemon-flavored powder is caffeine free and tastes great, delivering Niacin, [...]


Get your glow on with Collagen Serum. Smoothing and moisturizing, just a drop of our professional serum helps to enhance the natural beauty of your skin and retain moisture. A beneficial protein known for supporting beautiful hair, skin, and nails, this ultra hydrating serum softens and smooths for a radiant looking complexion. Lightweight and completely [...]


Discover the bliss of fresh, youthful-looking skin and a glowing complexion with our Vitamin E Cream. This fragrance-free and paraben-free cream moisturizes the skin and can be reapplied day or night as needed to support lush hydration. Directions Directions: To use as a daily moisturizer, apply a small amount 2-3 times daily to desired areas and [...]


What Are Electrolytes? Electrolytes are electrically charged ions that play an essential role in various bodily functions, including helping to regulate hydration. Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride are some primary types of electrolytes. Replenishing key electrolytes and minerals throughout the day is important whether you are an athlete, or simply looking to stay hydrated. [...]


Herbimed support your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system, improve your fitness performance, or simply ensure you’re meeting your nutritional needs.